Established in 1976 by Chip Wood with a single, one bay store on the east side of Cincinnati, Tire Discounters is the nation’s seventh largest independent tire retailer. The company leads the way in providing unique customer benefits designed to make tires last longer and maximize the overall performance of a car. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service for your vehicle, but we are about more than that. Deep within our culture is the desire to provide that same outstanding customer service to the communities in which our more than 1,100 employees live and work. We achieve this through our partnership with May We Help who also focus on providing unique benefits. 

May We Help exists to love those living with a disability with individually tailored assistive devices that are not being fulfilled commercially. Because people are more unique than what's available, volunteers design and create unique, custom solutions for individuals with special needs to engage in and pursue their passions. Their volunteers are handymen, artists, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, programmers, techies, gear-heads, students, snow birds, and friends. Volunteers receive a challenging philanthropic outlet to exercise their creativity and highly practical problem solving skills. Donors make it possible for a person or family needing an impossible solution to receive something virtually priceless, for free. http://www.maywehelp.org/.  

May We Help was founded by Bill Wood, Chip’s father, in 2003 along with Bill Diemling and Bill Sand. Sadly, Bill Wood passed away in the fall of 2010. The number of people he assisted is too many to count. Chip continues his commitment and vision to the May We Help mission. A portion of net profits are donated annually.

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