Tire Discounters Oil Changes:

There’s nothing like a well-oiled machine to ensure safety and longevity on the road. Next to you, regular oil changes are your car's best friend. They are easily the least expensive maintenance you can do to maximize engine life and reduce repairs. We have the greenest, most comprehensive oil changes in the business.

We use Valvoline Conventional and Valvoline Full-Synthetic motor oils. Why does that matter? Because it means an oil change at Tire Discounters is like giving your car a fruit smoothie. Replenish your cars vital nutrients with a Full Synthetic Oil Change at Tire Discounters.

Check out our current oil change deal and bring the offer to your service appointment! 

Our Oil Changes are three-tiered and tailored to align with your vehicle’s specific needs:

Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil Change:

Details: Our highest quality oil change available for your vehicle.

Fully synthetic oil provides your vehicle and engine with the most formidable defense against heat, deposits and wear.

High quality oil meets stringent dexos1 Gen2 requirements, and oh-what-a-beautiful-rendezvous it is.

Regular Price: $54.99 PLUS a tire rotation*

Valvoline Heavy Duty Diesel Oil Change:

Details: Diesel oil provides advance lubricant protection for diesel engines with soot control, cold start and valvetrain wear protection.

Long-life performance with high temperature deposit control to ensure your diesel’s engine is as spritely as it is durable.

Regular Price $119.99 PLUS a tire rotation*

Valvoline Conventional Oil Change:

Details: Minimizes deposit formation, resists oil thickening, and improves gas mileage by reducing friction.

Does not meet Dexos1 Gen2 requirements.

Regular Price: $41.99 

Get more with every oil change:

We know your car goes the extra mile, so we like to return the favor. That's why every Tire Discounters oil and filter service includes the following:

If you’re due for an oil change, stop by TD and give your car what it needs. Request an appointment today!

 *$60 fee for tire rotation/dismounting/mounting on dual rear wheel HD pickups.