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The Pros of Winter Tires

The deep tread blocks found on winter tires provide you with significantly increased traction that helps you avoid sliding when moving and stopping in icy or snowy conditions. In addition, winter tires are created using different materials than all-weather tires. For example, the materials used for winter tires are designed to perform better in colder temperatures, so even in the coldest, iciest weather your new tires will stay flexible and keep you safe.

Winter tires are all about offering you greater control, no matter the state of the road. Depending on the type of driving you intend to do, choosing to go with a more heavy-duty tire choice may be an absolute necessity to keep you safe while driving.

The Cons of Winter Tires

Winter tires will wear out more quickly if you don’t take care to change them out when the weather turns warm. The features that allow these tires to perform well in cold weather make them more sensitive to changes in temperature. When you choose winter tires, you must prioritize changing them out in a timely manner.

Whether you have winter tire needs or simply want to purchase new all-weather tires, Tire Discounters can help you find the ideal tires for your driving style and performance requirements.

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