Auto Glass

One of the most common issues with a sunroof (or moonroof) on your vehicle is leaking in when it rains or snows. Over time, seals around the sunroof can deteriorate causing leaks to occur. While you could temporarily fix the problem with duct tape or a type of silicone sealer, that solution might just render the sunroof unusable. Or worse yet, it might mark or scratch your paint on the roof of your vehicle.

Another popular issue is a broken or cracked sunroof. All it takes is one stray baseball from your kid’s baseball practice and your wonderful sunroof that allows extra natural light and fresh air ventilation on beautiful days can become shattered or completely broken out.

While either of these scenarios creates an inconvenience, Tire Discounters Auto Glass can help. Tire Discounters Auto Glass is a mobile auto glass repair and replacement service. We can help you with your broken moon/sun roof as our certified technicians will either come to your home or work or you can drop off your vehicle at one of our neighborhood stores.

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