Ambassador Program

The TD Ambassador Program is a reward-based program that offers customers an opportunity to become directly involved with TD, other industry manufacturers, and leaders through public relations and development activities.

Applicants selected to be a Tire Discounters Ambassador will be given:

  • 1 all-expense paid driving experience (ride & drive) per year
  • Exclusive Savings at all Tire Discounters locations
  • Monthly challenges with rewards for content engagement
  • Exclusive opportunities to test and review new product samples
  • Opportunities for sponsorship of your exploits (car show, racecar, blog, vlog, etc) by Tire Discounters

Tire Discounters Ambassador Requirements

  • Post once per quarter
  • Annual review to maintain ambassador eligibility
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy of content to provided goals
  • Subject to review at any time
  • Must sign TD Ethics clause
  • Ambassador can be terminated due to behavior

Ambassador Application

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What is an Ambassador

A TD ambassador is a socially engaged customer from any Tire Discounters who serves as a knowledgeable representative that shares their passion and participates in the local car community while providing additional content to TD.

Engaging with the community

The expectation is that an ambassador is already heavily involved in their local car-culture, whether in-person via car shows/racetracks/etc , or online via blog/YouTube/SM/etc.

How do I apply?

Please complete the form below. All materials need be sent together for consideration. Candidates will be notified with interview details.