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Tires in Louisville: New Vs. Used

Tire Discounters knows that when you are looking for different tire alternatives, it may be tempting to consider purchasing used tires rather than new tires. However, are those used tires going to keep you safe on the roads? New tires from Tire Discounters in Louisville offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your tires are in excellent shape. Before you make a final decision, Tire Discounters in Louisville believes it is important to consider the pros and cons of both options.

The Advantages of New Tires

When you purchase new tires from Tire Discounters in Louisville, you don’t have to worry about their condition. The tires have been manufactured to meet specifications, and tire makers have inspected their quality. Our tires give you the peace of mind that they are in new condition and will ensure your family’s safety when on the road. Louisville drivers can rest assured that when they buy new, the tires they get will include the latest technologies and highest quality materials on the market.

Another reason to buy tires new from Tire Discounters is that you can easily buy a matching set of four. It is highly recommended to replace all your tires at the same time so that they are evenly matched and perform in a consistent manner. If you buy used tires in Louisville, you may not have the option of purchasing a matching set of four.

The Dangers of Used Tires

Used tires may be less expensive than new tires but we want to warn Louisville drivers that this is only because they are already worn down and won’t last nearly as long as a new set of tires.

Additionally, used tires can cause problems because the buyer doesn’t know how tires may have been damaged or even how old they are. They could have been driven while overloaded, at high speeds, or while underinflated, all of which can cause damage that you won’t be able to see externally. Driving a car with old tires is a very risky business. Tire Discounters wants Louisville to stay safe, so we recommend purchasing new tires for your vehicle.

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