Did you know that car experts recommend using different tires during different seasons? You might be asking yourself, “Should I really replace my tires twice a year?” Absolutely not! When tire experts advise drivers to outfit their cars with winter tires during the winter, they aren’t saying you should throw out your summer tires! What you should do is properly store them until next summer.

The reason it is better to have season-specific tires on your car is that they are specifically designed for seasonal conditions and they actually help your tires last much longer. Winter tires are made with a winter-specific tread compound intended to maintain grip at very low temperatures. If you use winter tires in the summer, the rubber compound gets too soft and your tires wear out much more quickly. But there is one trade secret that you have to know before deciding to seasonally rotate your tires. You can’t just throw the summer tires in the back yard all winter and expect to slap them back on your car in the spring! You have to properly store the tires you aren’t using.

How, you might ask, do you properly store the tires you’re not using? Simple!