Five gifts to give the young driver in your family

Whether they’re 16 years old and just getting unleashed onto the road or a college student heading back to campus with a car, the thought of their teen behind the wheel can be make parents cringe. While the stress of having a young driver will take a while to subside (if it ever does), now is the perfect time of year to arm them with some helpful automotive tools that they probably would never buy for themselves. Here are five easy gift ideas for the young driver in your family:

1. Jumper Box: While it’s a good practice to have a set of jumper cables stowed in the car, you can go a step further for your young driver by giving them one of these nifty tools. A quality jumper box will allow your teen to restart their vehicle without having to rely on a Good Samaritan, should they find themselves stranded with a dead battery. In addition, many jumper boxes now feature built-in flashlights and phone chargers as well. Price Range: $50-$200 

2. New Tires: As the winter weather ramps up, it’s critical that your car has quality tires on their vehicle. Poor alignment, heavy wear, and lack of inflation can put your driver at risk. During the holiday season, you can receive a $100 instantly when you purchase a set of select tires at Tire Discounters. You’ll be able to breathe easier – and have a bit of extra holiday spending cash. Price Range: $100-250 per tire

3.Digital Tire Gauge: At Tire Discounters, we know the importance of proper tire inflation. But sometimes, especially on older vehicles, you can’t rely on built-in sensors to tell your teen driver when the tires are running low on air. With a Digital Tire Gauge, your young driver can quickly identify if their tires need to be inflated; better still, many are programmable so you can set it up exactly to the tire manufacturer’s specifications. Of course, at Tire Discounters, we can always check to make sure everything is up to snuff. Price Range: $50-$200 

4. Tire Discounters Gift Certificates: Keeping your teen’s vehicle up-to-date on regular maintenance is another crucial element of proper car ownership. And unless you’re keeping tabs on when their car is due for an oil change, their car’s fluids need flushing or the check engine light comes on, giving your young driver some all-purpose Tire Discounters gift certificates will make sure they won’t skimp out on important services just to save a few bucks. Better yet, if they’re college-aged kids, you’ll know they can’t spend these on beer! Price Range: Varies

5. Car-Themed Stocking Stuffers: Sometimes it’s the little things that count. And for the young driver, there are plenty of items that could serve perfectly as a stocking stuffer. Ice scrapers, air fresheners or a mini flashlight are all great ideas to hang in the stocking by the chimney, with care. Price Range: Varies

All of us at Tire Discounters wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season…and that you use these gift ideas to make your young driver’s experience on the road an enjoyable one!