Tax Season Tire Tips

Has filing taxes this year made you feel… well… taxed? We’re with you on that. However, with a big refund check from Uncle Sam likely on its way, now is the opportune time to set some of that cash aside to make an investment in your car and your own safety.

Tire Discounters knows the importance of equipping your vehicle with high-quality, long-lasting tires designed to fit your specific car. While we live by higher standards for our customer service, it’s vital your tires follow these higher “koalifications,” too. Though you may be tempted to purchase less expensive tires to save as much of that check as possible, we’d like to share a few tips for making the best investment with your next tire purchase:

Consider your needs: Every tire is labelled with a code that gives insight into its size and capabilities. When choosing the best tires for your car, it is important to consider a variety of different factors: Do you plan to drive long distances? Will you be driving in mostly dry conditions, wet conditions or a mixture of both? Will your car be carrying a high load capacity or a low one? Which tire is designed to best fit your car and provide you with the feel and handling you love?

If you’re having trouble understanding which tire would be the best investment, feel free to swing by your local Tire Discounters store to receive a helping hand and professional advice. We’re happy to help you figure out which would be best fit based on size, traction, vehicle type and more.

Plus, if you’re thinking about upgrading your wheels, Tire Discounters has a wide selection of products and state of the art technology to take your car to the next level.

Check the warranty: In a perfect world, our tires would last forever and we’d never fathom being stranded with a flat. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. Between potholes, road debris and curbs you swore you never saw coming, tires inevitably make contact with different obstacles that shorten their lifespan.

Thankfully, tires can carry a variety of different warranties to save you money when these incidents occur: tire life, tread life, workmanship, and manufacturer warranties, just to name a few. Because improper maintenance can void your warranty (such as problems caused by low inflation), it is especially important to take care of your tires. If you happen to run over a nail on the road, Tire Discounters includes free flat repair when you purchase tires with TD Standard Installation. We also offer a Nationwide Worry Free Guarantee to cover what standard warranties will not.

Plan for the long run: Make sure you consider the value of your tires in relation to longevity. While a tire with a higher mile warranty might be more expensive upfront, you are actually receiving a lower cost-per-mile rate than if you were to purchase a less expensive tire with a lower mile warranty. While you might be paying more upfront, in reality, you are paying less in the long run.

Take care of your tires:  Just because your tires say they have a mileage warranty of 60,000 miles, you will only get those miles if you take care of your tires.  Make sure you get them rotated every 5,000 miles and check your alignment.  If your vehicle is out of alignment, it will cause accelerated wear on your tires.  When you purchase tires, look for installation packages that include these lifetime tire services or an initial alignment.