What Do A Truck, Sports Car, Dirt Bike, ATV, Camping Set, And $2,500 All Have In Common?

This entry was posted on Feb 8, 2019 by Tire Discounters.

If you guessed some of the prizes at the Tire Discounters Annual Meeting, then you would be right.  Tire Discounters hosted our 2019 roll-out meeting in January, and it was a huge success.  We had over 400 TD associates from 116 stores and 6 states come together to kick the year off with a bang. The day was filled with sessions from our leadership team, partners, a vendor fair and fantastic door prizes.  Seriously, amazing door prizes!  The raffles went on and on and on. 

Let’s cover a couple of big shout outs.  First, to the Wood family.  Over 40 years ago, Chip Wood had the insight, hustle, and smarts to open a tire store in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Now Tire Discounters is in 6 states, 9 major markets, with 116 stores, Chip’s family sure has expanded.  Second, big thanks to Paul Grady for inspiring us to be amazing leaders.  And last, but certainly not least, to all the TD employees who worked to pull together this amazing day.

Check out some highlights - roll the video!