Modern Tire Dealer: Tire Discounters Supports Unsafe Used Tire Bill

This entry was posted on Dec 10, 2018 by Modern Tire Dealer.

From the article: Tire Discounters Supports Unsafe Used Tire Bill,, Dec. 10, 2018.

Tire Discounters Inc. is among the tire dealers in Ohio celebrating the state legislature's passage of S.B. 223, which prohibits the installation of unsafe used tires.

Jamie Ward, president of Tire Discounters, is also on the board of the Ohio Tire & Automotive Association (OTAA). He's been working with the association for several years to remove unsafe tires from roadways.

“This consumer protection bill is long overdue. It will prevent countless injuries and fatalities caused by unsafe tires.” says Ward.

The bill awaits Gov. John Kasich's signature. It defines an unsafe tire as anything with less than 2/32 inch tread depth.

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