Tire Discounters featured on The Cincinnati Enquirer's Coffee Break with Kathrine Nero

This entry was posted on Dec 18, 2020 by Tire Discounters.

Coffee Break with Kathrine Nero

Brandon Grubbs, Tire Discounters Sr. Director Partnerships & New Programs, joined The Cincinnati Enquirer's Coffee Break with Kathrine Nero to talk about new services this year in the Cincinnati market, including Skip the Shop, Auto Glass, and ADAS.  

Coffee Break with Kathrine Nero

Tire Discounters Skip the Shop valet pick-up and delivery is now available! 

Call us today or request an appointment and your Personal Vehicle Assistant will:

- Pick up and drive your vehicle to our nearest location
- Send you updates on your vehicle
- Return your vehicle when service is complete to your work or home.


Auto Glass

Don't let a chip turn into a crack.  Your windshield is integral to your car's safety.
Tire Discounters accepts all major insurance providers, and in KY glass repair is free.  
We're mobile and can come to you, or you can visit any Tire Discounters location


ADAS Recalibration

Did you know your beep beep and blink blink's need to be calibrated?  Brandon said, "Forward-facing cameras are extremely important. If you're removing a windshield and you put it back in, you need to make sure that the camera is in the exact same spot.  It's important while you're driving down the road, as you have lane departure and some of these other driver-assist systems, they need to be calibrated to point exactly where they came from from the factory.  You don't want to get into a situation where it's not reading the road correctly or doesn't recognize the vehicle next to you."



Bring your vehicle to any Tire Discounters location and we'll do a full battery and charging system test at no test.