Flat tires lead to busy repair shops after winter weather

This entry was posted on Feb 10, 2021 by Local12 Cincinnati (WKRC).

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If you've traveled over the past 24 hours, then you know there were plenty of tow trucks on the road. Slide-offs and flat tires seem to be the biggest culprits.

“[The day] started out quiet with not many cars on the road and has picked up quite a bit, doing a lot of flat repairs and tires,” said Lane Adams, a brand ambassador for Tire Discounters.

Adams says some drivers were holding off on new tires, but when there's several inches of snow on the ground, good tires are a must.

“A lot of stuff on the road -- debris gets picked up by the plows, but mostly pothole damage,” said Adams.

Paul Hope is a contractor who's been on the road since 6 a.m. Tuesday. He says the streets got better as the day went on.

“It’s been hectic. Side streets messed up, can't really get past the side streets,” said Hope. “Lots of tire changes, but, for the most part, I think they did a good job with the city though because the streets kind of cleared up, considering how much snow we had."

With another round of snow heading for the Tri-State, Hope and Adams have some advice:

“Pull your windshield wipers up and get ready for it because it's coming. Start that car up early and don't try ride out to early. Let them treat those streets. If you don't do that, you'll be in some trouble,” said Hope.

“They should be making sure the tire pressure is good, wipers are good, coolant is good. Get your batteries checked,” said Adams.

Once you have all that checked out, Adams says be smart before you hit the road.

“If you have a car that isn't really made for the snow, then just stay home. If you have to get out, you just have to drive according to the capabilities of your vehicle, even if you have four-wheel drive,” said Adams.