Drivers across the country waste hundreds, if not thousands of dollars because they’re not taking advantage of some simple steps that can extend the life of their tires – and their vehicle as a whole. Before hitting the road, be sure you keep these things in mind:

Get your tires rotated and balanced every 5,000 miles: When you rotate and your tires on a regular basis, not only will you be riding smoother and more safely, but your tires will last significantly longer as well. 

Make sure your car is aligned: Much like rotation and balancing, ensuring proper alignment is a great way to save money and increase safety. Without being correctly aligned, tire performance drops and tire wear increases rapidly. Tire Discounters performs free alignment checks.

When purchasing a tire, sometimes the cheapest one isn’t the smartest choice: Less expensive tires often have a lower mileage warranty – meaning you’ll be forced to buy another new set much more quickly. Check the mileage warranty before purchasing and do the math to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Know when is the best time to fill up: While gas prices are often a moving target, knowing the general idea of when your local gas stations inflate prices can be helpful. published a study of the best days to fill up at the pump – based on what state you live in.

Speaking of gas: Rolling down your windows can be a great way to increase gas mileage when you’re traveling along urban streets. In fact, a recent study found that vehicles going 40 MPH or less could see a 10% improvement on gas mileage when having the windows down instead of using the air conditioning.

Clip those coupons: Be sure to check for special promotions that can save you money when servicing your vehicle. View our specials