Summer Vacation Tire Tips

With summer ramping up, it’s almost time to start planning your Father’s Day celebration. Between vacation travel, trips to the pool or just a daily commute to the office, your ol’ man will appreciate driving a well-performing vehicle. Here are some quick and easy gift ideas to make his day:

Portable Jumper Box: There’s no good time to have the car battery go kaput – especially with mercury levels rising quickly because of warm weather. This handy tool will allow Dad to breathe easy knowing that, if his battery does run out of juice, he can quickly power back up and visit his neighborhood Tire Discounters store to get it checked out without having to flag down a good Samaritan.

Portable Tire Inflator: Flat tires rarely – if ever – happen at convenient times. And while your dad might need to call a tow truck if the tire is in bad shape, sometimes just a little extra air can be enough to get him on his way. With a portable tire inflator, he’ll always have a way to inflate his tires – no matter where he is.

Gift Certificate for his ride: While some dads love the idea of unwrapping a physical present, some enjoy picking out their own gift.  Gift certificates are great for this.  Stop by your local Tire Discounters to pick Dad up a gift certificate, then he can spoil his car, truck, (or super stylish mini-van?) with some new tires or that needed service.

And, since you’ve been so thoughtful with these gift ideas – your “Pop” might even treat you and the family to a summer road trip. Before you hit the road, be sure you both keep an eye on these important things:

Check the tire pressure. Maintaining proper pressure is critical for safe handling – especially during summer heat. Too much, or not enough, pressure can cause increased wear and, potentially, make you more susceptible to a blowout.

Check your alignment: It doesn’t take much for your vehicle’s alignment to get out of whack. If you feel your car pulling in one direction or you notice uneven wearing on the tires, stop by a Tire Discounters store and have us take a look. Our ASE-certified technicians can assess if it needs to be adjusted and get you back on the right track quickly.

Stay hydrated: Just like it’s important for us to drink plenty of fluids during the scorching summer heat, your vehicle also needs to maintain proper fluid levels to run at optimum performance. Before hitting the road, ensure that your engine coolant, washer solution and oil levels are at the correct capacity.

Now get out there and enjoy the summer weather. Happy driving!