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Tire Discounters is Cincinnati’s Resource for Discount Tires & Unmatched Service.


There’s a reason we are consistently ranked Cincinnati’s number one auto-service provider. We are the region’s trusted provider of discount tires, and the deals don’t end at tires. A high quality tire at a discounted price is our promise to the residents of the greater Cincinnati area. Our selection is second to none and our competitive prices ensure you’ll leave with the best value on the market.


Misaligned wheels face uneven tread-wear, which can threaten the safety of all passengers, and that doesn’t sit right with us. That’s why we include free alignment with any 4-tire purchase with TD Standard installation. A misaligned tire is also more than just a safety hazard; fuel efficiency drops when a wheel is not properly aligned. We go the extra mile so that your car can too, and that’s why we offer free alignment with any 4-tire purchase with TD Standard installation at any of our greater Cincinnati locations.


Cheap tires often require replacement shortly after they are installed, ultimately costing you more in the long run.

A penny saved is a tire earned. The money that you’ve saved to spend on your vehicle can be better allocated towards maintenance or gas, and we understand that. Our free alignment (included with the purchase of any 4-tires with TD Standard installation) not only increases driver safety and fuel efficiency, it also increases the lifetime of the tire.


There is a distinct difference between a discount tire and a cheap tire. Our tire selection offers dependable and safe tires at competitive prices, an unbeatable value.


For the best value and to take full advantage of our Free Alignment offer, consider purchasing a full set of four tires instead of just replacing one or two. A matching set of tires is not only a responsible fiscal decision; it also ensures that your vehicle performs consistently and reliably. We recommend purchasing four tires at a time to get the highest level of safety for you and your family.


Premium tires typically offer better performance and boast a higher safety rating than their less expensive counterparts. Check out our specials page for a list of current promotions and sales and discounts on our extensive selection of tires. At TD, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a great price, and purchasing a premium tire with performance features that align with your driving needs will cost you less in the long run. Talk to TD sales associate at any of our greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky locations to find the perfect balance of features at a price that meets your needs.