The sign out front may read Tire Discounters, but didn’t your parents ever teach you it’s what’s on the inside that matters? Of course they did. While we’ve mastered the art of finding the perfect tires for your car, with all-inclusive prices and a bigger selection than our competitors, our automotive services are unmatched as well.

Tires or no tires, we were founded on the philosophy that all of our products and services must be what’s best for our customers. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive installation packages in the industry (learn more). We also do custom wheels, and by “do custom wheels,” we mean customers can choose from thousands of styles—we keep over 10,000 in stock at all times. Our dedication to our customers doesn’t stop when they leave the store. Our commitment to the environment is unrivaled— you can read all about our energy- efficient stores, green tires, semi-synthetic oil and our very unique landscaping here. So, as far as philosophies go, ours isn’t too shabby.

When we’re not making our customers and Mother Nature smile, we’re making time for others. Tire Discounters is a proud supporter of May We Help, a nonprofit organization that brings the engineering community together to assist the physically disabled.

That’s Tire Discounters in a nutshell. Okay, so it’s a big nutshell.