The new year signals renewed hope for new beginnings and a list of resolutions that usually include more exercise, less processed foods, save more money, use your vacation time and so on and so on. Every year most of your resolutions evolve around your health, self-improvement, finances and love.

What about making a resolution involving the maintenance of your vehicle? Yes, it may seem trivial when compared to your other resolutions but you trust your vehicle to get you to the places you need to go in a safe and timely manner. So why isn’t your vehicle part of your yearly resolutions?

Show your trusted vehicle some love this year by following three simple resolutions:

1. Schedule Pre-Summer and Pre-Winter Service Appointments

Get it on the calendar now, a service appointment at your local Tire Discounters before the heat of summer and before the extreme cold of winter can go a long way in reducing the risk of mechanical breakdown. Preventive maintenance and being proactive with potential symptoms could save you some significant money – remember that save more money resolution?

2. Fluid Levels Checked Regularly

Your fluids are vital in the operation of your vehicle. Oil, transmission fluid, brake, coolant, steering and windshield wiper fluid checks can keep your vehicle running smoothly. At your local Tire Discounters, we check each of these fluids every time you have your oil changed. While staying hydrated with water is essential in healthy living, your vehicle needs to be properly hydrated as well – remember that healthy living resolution?

3. Check Tire Tread and Pressure

Tread depth is a key indicator of the health of your tires. A quick and easy test, is to insert a penny into the tread groove at various locations. Make sure that Lincoln’s head points down into the groove. If you can see his entire head, it is time to replace the tire because your tread is around the 2/32” threshold. If his head disappears or is always covered by the tread, the current state of the tire meets the 2/32” standard. The rule of thumb is that if your tires are at or less than 4/32” you need to get new tires. While checking your tread, don’t forget to check the tire pressure on all your tires. Proper inflation levels will ensure your tires wear at a normal rate. Extreme swings in temperatures outside will also affect tire pressure, so be sure to have this checked after extreme hot spells or extreme cold spells. Poor tread depth and tire pressure can create safety issues and reduce fuel efficiency. Think of this as self-improvement for your vehicle resolution.

At Tire Discounters, our highly trained experts can help you achieve your resolutions involving your vehicle. It is as easy as scheduling your two service appointments and scheduling your oil changes and leave the rest to us. Think of Tire Discounters as a life coach for your vehicle. We will provide top notch service and advise you on potential issues with your vehicle while ensuring your vehicle is safe and in good shape to last you another year and beyond.